Control unit SIWAREX FTC

Control unit SIWAREX FTC

  • Control unit for dynamic weighing processes
  • High measuring accuracy – high resolution
  • Parametrizable inputs and outputs
  • Analog output and Profibus DP connection
  • Recording of weighing history
  • 8 sum memories
  • Usage in EX applications possible


Data sheet


The SIWAREX FTC control unit is a modern weighing electronic and the optimal solution when continuous weighing in an automation environment meets high requirements.

Typical applications of the SIWAREX control unit are continuous weighings for belt scales, weigh feeders, impact scales and solid flow meters as well as micro feeders and loss-in-weight feeders.

The control unit is designed as a SIMATIC module and can therefore easily be integrated into the SIMATIC automation system. It uses its features such as integrated communication, diagnosis system and projection tools.

Pre-configuration and a software tool for the handling via PC facilitate the installation. As a calibration is carried out in the test bay, an easy adjustment via SIWATOOL FTC is possible even after the exchange of components.


The control unit SIWAREX FTC provides:

  • The possibility to implement different scale types with only one device type
  • Excellent measuring capacities
  • Following control functions:
    • Protocol memory (with optional MMC)
    • Event recorder
    • Diagnostics buffer for the last 100 signals in the clear text
    • Permanent control of load cell and wiring
    • Weight simulation
  • Data transfer via Internet upon initial operation and in case of perturbation
  • Simple and comfortable commissioning and service functions via the software tool