Control unit WC 9604

Control unit WC 9604

  • Weight controller for dynamic weighing processes
  • For belt scales, weigh feeders, impact scales and solid flow meters as well as loss-in-weight feeders
  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Integrated PI-regulator – freely programmable
  • Preselection counter
  • Legal-for-trade according to OIML R50 and MID


Data sheet


The control unit WC 9604 by Jesma is a high-precision system for dynamic weighing processes. It fulfills today's high requirements of speed, security and precision.

The control unit WC 9604 is optimally used for dynamic weighings, e.g. for belt scales, weigh feeders, impact scales and solid flow meters. Also, loss-in-weight feeders with a variety of control and regulating functions can be connected.


Due to its many possibilities, the weight controller are ideally used for weighing and regulating tasks in the chemical, building material, steel, food and animal feed industries.

In conjunction with the belt scale EBW 20-MID and EBW 20-MID3 or the weigh feeder VBA/EE, the control unit WC 9604 are approved for use in legal-for-trade applications according to MID. The different measuring accuracy classes 0.5 / 1 and 2 can be specified in the menu.


The control unit have an internal controller - an important requirement for use in belt scales and weigh feeders with regulating tasks (dosing). Furthermore, the control unit is equipped with a product memory that enables the storage of different adjustment factors - especially useful with impact scales.

The WC 9604 weight controller has a multilingual menu navigation, i.a. in German, English, French and Russian.


The control unit WC 9604 has a modular design. It consists of a main module – the actual weighing module which is totally enclosed in a steel housing – and a separate display and operator module.


Both modules are connected via a very secure light wave conductor.


The display and operator module is provided with a keypad, a LED display for illustration of the current conveying capacity or the counter values, respectively, as well as an alphanumeric LCD display for menu navigation. Additionally, eight status-LED's simplify the handling of the control unit.