Control unit IT 3/ IT 3000M

Control unit IT 3/ IT 3000M

  • Legal-for-trade weighing terminal
  • Universal use – also in harsh industrial environments (IP 69K)
  • Large, luminous colour display for display of net-, tare- and gross-weight
  • Easy to use via sealed membrane keyboard
  • Fieldbus interfaces
  • Alibi memory
  • Desk/ wall, panel-mount or blackbox version


The IT 3 is the follow-up model of the IT 3000M.



Data sheet


The IT 3 is a high-precision, universally applicable control unit for industrial and legal-for-trade applications. It has a range of standard programs that allows the use as legal-for-trade weighing module (desk-top or floor scale) or for simple filling controller, etc.

The IT 3 has a modular design and can be configured according to customer requirements. Due to its robust stainless steel housing, it is suitable for difficult environmental conditions and locations.


The measuring amplifier IT 3 is preconfigured according to the weighing task. The weighing program enables the display of net, tare and gross weight as well as the parts counting or totalizing. The measuring data can be stored internally (optional).


An easy to use keyboard and an easy readable colour display are available for an easy operation. The keyboard has keys for zero setting, taring and printing. The entry of manual tare and additional data can be enter via numeric keys.


Data like weight, weight total, date, time, stored texts, entered data and calculated values can be printout or send to PLC.


The control unit IT 3 features:

  • Connection for max. 8 load cells
  • Legal-for-trade resolution 10,000 d
  • Luminous 5‘‘ (13 cm) colour display for indication of weight, multi-lingual operator prompts and calibration dialog
  • Easy to use via softkeys
  • Interface options:
    • Serial interfaces
    • Ethernet
    • USB
    • Fieldbus
    • 2 digital inputs and outputs
    • Analog output
  • Calibration with test weights or through entry of rated output of load cell(s).
    Clear operator prompts for all steps of calibration sequence.
  • Stainless steel housing (IP 69K) as
    • Desk/ wall version,
    • Panel-mount version or
    • Blackbox version (without display and keyboard)