Control unit PS 1050

Control unit PS 1050

  • Digital control unit for panel installation in housing door
  • Configuration and adjustment via front keys or PC
  • Selectable analog output: 0-10 V or (0)4-20 mA
  • 6-digit LED display, digit height 14 mm
  • Data sheet and classical weight calibration
  • Peak value memory


Data sheet


The PS 1050 control unit, which is equipped with a powerful 24-bit A/D converter, amplifies and normalizes the signals of the load cells and provides for a digital or analog output.

Typical applications are tank, vessel and silo weighings, gravimetric level control, dosing scales, platform and table scales as well as force measurement systems.


As standard, the control unit has a configurable 0(4) - 20 mA analog output, optionally via a fieldbus interface, a clearly readable display for displaying the current weight value and simple function keys for operation and adjustment.


The simple configuration and adjustment allow an easy installation and handling. The control unit PS 1050 can be operated via its front keys as well as by means of the ProView software via PC. It is not required to set potentiometers or DIP switches.


For setting methods of a weight measurement system for example either data sheet or weight calibration are available.


Serial communication is possible with either RS 232, RS 422 or RS 485 with Modbus-RTU protocol. Up to 32 control units can be addressed by RS 485 interface.


Standardized installation dimensions and plug-in connection terminals simplify the assembly and installation.


The control unit PS 1050 offers:

  • Configuration and calibration via front keys
  • 10 linearization points
  • Selectable 0-10 V or 4-20 mA analog output
  • Peak value memory for dynamic/ history measurements
  • Data sheet or classical weight calibration
  • Serial interface with ASCII or Modbus protocol
  • 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
  • Profibus-DP or DeviceNet communication (optionally)
  • 6-digit LED display with 14 mm digit height