Control unit UWT 600

Control unit UWT 600

  • Powerful digital high performance transmitter
  • High resolution - over 16 million parts
  • With analog output and fieldbus interface
  • Analog output configurable: current or voltage signal
  • Configuration and adjustment via front keys or PC
  • Data sheet or classical weight calibration
  • 2-line LCD display, 16 characters


Data sheet


The UWT 600 control unit is a process measuring amplifier with a high-performance 24-bit A/D converter that amplifies and normalizes the measuring signals of load cells and force transducers with high resolution.

The UWT 600 are used for many applications in industrial weighing technology: silo and vessel weighings, level control system, platform scales or force measuring systems.


The control unit UWT 600 provides the measuring data as a digital and analog output signal as well as at the fieldbus interface. A special feature is the high resolution of the analog output of 600,000 parts. The fieldbus interface is free selectable as a Profibus DP, DeviseNet or Ethernet interface.

The UWT 600 can operate with maximal 8 load cells á 350 Ω. Configuration und adjustment of the weighing system is easy executed by input of the parameters via front keys or via PC with calibration software CalEasy. It is not required to set potentiometers or DIP switches.


Parameter setups, calibration and monitoring of the output relays can be carried out via a Modbus network. The internal, intelligent monitoring software "Self Guard" protects against unauthorized access and unwished calibration errors.


The control unit UWT 600 offers:

  • Display: current weight value and status information
  • Configuration und calibration via front keys or software (Windows-based)
  • Data sheet or classical weight calibration
  • High-performance 24-bit A/D transducer: resolution over 16 Mio. parts
  • Analog output: selectable between 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
  • Fieldbus interface optionally: Profibus-DP or DeviceNet or Ethernet
  • Serial interface RS 232 und RS 422/485 with ASCII or ModBus protocol
  • 2 digital inputs/ 2 digital outputs
  • CE certification