Platform scales by MTS

Platform scales by MTS

  • Customized and robust over-ground floor scales
  • Dimensions and load ranges to customer requirement
  • Feet adjustable in height –  Bolted cover plate for an easy take-off
  • Load cells made of stainless steel - substructure hot-dip galvanised
  • Capacities from 2,000 up to 8,000 kg
  • Weighing range up to 6,000 kg
  • Legal-for-trade according to class III
  • ATEX optional


Data sheet


Platform scales by MTS are floor scales of our own design and manufacturing, which are dimensioned in accordance with the requirements of the application in terms of load and weighing range and also in the dimensions. With this, MTS offers platform scales, which performance data can be outside of the usual standards.

Typical fields of application are control weighings on goods receipt and loading, for process monitoring in production and distribution and for big-bag stations.


The scales consist of a stable steel construction, which are provided with additional stringer and transverse stiffening, four bearing pressures with load cells, which represent at the same time the support points of the scale and a sturdy cover plate.


The cover plate is bolted and easy to take-off. This facilitates access to the load cells and reduces the effort of installation, service and maintenance.


The special design of the bearing pressure allows height adjustment to ensure little floor unevenness at installation station and correct force transmission to the load cells. By default, there are used precision stainless steel load cells with OIML approval for high measurement accuracy and reliability. MTS platform scales are also available for legal-for-trade applications.


Platform scales by MTS weigh with a high measurement accuracy and reliability and are also approved as legal-for-trade scales for class III.


Depending on the weighing task, the MTS platform scales are combined with different control units.