Throughput weighers JesHopper

Throughput weighers JesHopper

  • For fine-grained bulk materials
  • For capacities from 12 to 900 m³/h
  • High measuring accuracy < +/- 0.1 %
  • Ideal used for goods receiving and loading
  • High flow capacity
  • Dust-proof frame construction
  • Also for legal-for-trade applications 
  • ATEX optional



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The JesHopper's by Jesma are throughput weighers for intake-out loading of fine-grained bulk materials like powders, flours, granulates, and grains. The scales achieve high flow capacities and an excellent measurement accuracy.

The throughput weigher is used for goods receiving and loading or exact recording of internal material flows for material dosing according to recipe specification.


The JesHopper consists of a pre-hopper and a weighing hopper placed upon 2 or 3 load cells. Both hoppers are equipped with a pneumatically operated flap section and integrated into a dust-proof frame construction. An aspiration unit ensures fast aeration and ventilation. Removable covers with rubber seals on the scale frame guarantee easy access to the mechanical components and facilitate maintenance and service work.


The control unit either records the total weight (goods receiving mode) or doses an exact predefined weight (loading mode). It also precisely controls filling and emptying processes.


The JesHopper achieves very precise measurement results with a measurement accuracy according to accuracy class 0.5 or 0.2 respectively (SWT according to OIML R107 for legal-for-trade applications).


JesHopper's are available in nine versions with capacities of up to 900 m³/h at about 400 weighing cycles per hour.


The bulk material is fed into the JesHopper through a conveyor unit, such as a bucket elevator. When the pre-hopper is open, the weigh hopper is filled until a set quantity is reached. The flaps of the weighing hopper are closed while the bulk material continues to flow into the pre-hopper. The weighing hopper is now statically weighed and the weighing result is recorded in the memory. Subsequently, the weighing hopper is quickly emptied. Thereafter, the pre-hopper can be reopened and the weighing hopper can be refilled. The cycle is repeated. Up to 400 weighing cycles are performed per hour.


Filling and emptying processes as well as the load cell signals are controlled and evaluated by an efficient control unit with specifically designed software.


The display of the control unit shows the current cumulative weight value, throughputs, and target values as well as additional information regarding the scale.


The control unit provides:

  • the maximum throughput capacity due to fast processing of measured values
  • precise dosing according to set values with rate action optimisation and tolerance control
  • high operational reliability due to extensive monitoring functions and easy operation
  • registration of all order data.