Accessories for weigh feeders

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Pull-rope emergency stop switch

  • For the use as an emergency stop switch on continuous conveyors
  • Emergency stop command via one side tensioned trigger line or red mushroom button
  • Easy installation on the weighing frame

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Conveyor belt misalignment switch

  • For conveyor systems for belt misalignment monitoring of continuous conveyors
  • To protect the belts from damage or destruction during belt misalignment
  • Prevention of material overflows or disruption
  • Easy installation on weighing frame

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Speed encoder

  • Hollow shaft encoder for recording the belt speed in belt conveyors
  • Direct connection to control unit or PLC is possible
  • For ATEX zones (optionally)

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Test weights

  • For adjustment and checking of belt scales and weigh feeders
  • Test weights in form of small bags à 2 kg or à 5 kg