We offer service!

We offer service!

We offer service!

We offer service!

We offer service!


We offer service!

MTS offers comprehensive services in the field of weighing and dosing systems. For your questions, you can contact our technicians by phone and also for:


  • Installation and start-up
  • Adjustment and maintenance
  • Support for calibration
  • Repairing

That means: less effort – more efficiency, year-long plant safety with a minimum of personnel.


Built-in belt scales, weigh feeders, impact scales/ solid flow meters, loss-in-weight/ micro feeders, conveyor discharge weighers, throughput weighers, platform scales, silo and tank weighings or level control systems - MTS MessTechnik Sauerland GmbH offers full service!

Installation and start-up

We do not only sell you a scale, but we also make the installation and start-up of your scale – from standard scales to complex weighing systems.


Our service technicians also carry out the instruction and training of your staff to operate the weighing system on site.

Adjustment and maintenance

Complex technical plants and systems can only maintain their full productivity if maintenance and checking are carried out consistently.


Especially scales in their various design variants should be checked and adjusted at regular intervals to ensure the best possible plant availability.


Regular maintenance of weighing systems has the benefit of product longevity and reduces the downtime. This also results in a cost saving.


Experience shows that it makes sense to check and to control the accuracy of the scales:

Check weights

In addition to the „classical“ adjustment with reference material, check weights can also be used.


MTS has various check weights (measurement standards, test weights, test chains). Our technicians use these check weights especially for maintenance and checking of the weighing systems.


Measurement standards
for adjustment of static weighing systems, e.g. vessel weighings.


Test weights
for adjustment of weigh feeders and built-in belt scales.


Test chains
are link chains with roll weights for adjustment of built-in belt scales.

Support for calibration

For legal-for-trade scales must be regularly checked and calibrated by the responsible conformity assessment authority. Upon request, we will organize, prepare and coordinate the calibration of the scale - including checking the scale before official calibration appointment, arranging of appointments between conformity assessment authority and all involved person, organisation of test weights, ...


We offer this service for all scales supplied by MTS, as a certified repair provider - but also for scales from other manufacturers.


MTS has been authorized by the "Landesamt Mess- und Eichwesen Nordrhein-Westfalen" as repairer provider according to § 54 of the German Measuring and Calibration Ordiance. MTS is thus authorized to carry out repairs on legal-for-trade scales.


The conformity assessment authority must be informed immediately about the repair and a repeated calibration must be requested. However, the scales may continue to be used as legal-for-trade scales until the calibration appointment. As a result, the calibration validity of the measuring instruments continues to exist.

>> Repairer provider for legal-for-trade weighing systems