Control unit ModWeigh DBW

Control unit ModWeigh DBW

  • For weighing and regulating tasks of weigh feeders
  • Modular design, multichannel connection
  • With internal PI-regulator
  • Analog and digital inputs
  • Analog and pulse output for measuring value output
  • Digital outputs for status information
  • Fieldbus interfaces
  • Plug & play function via data stick
  • Easy to use, modern menu navigation in German and English
  • With accessible alarm memory



Data sheet


The control unit ModWeigh DBW is a modern and easy to handle weight indicator. With the internal PI-regulator it is particularly suitable for applications with weigh feeders. It is constructed for continuous weighing tasks and complex regulating tasks.

The control unit regulates the flow rate of the belt scale according to the setpoint with high accuracy.


The ModWeigh control unit has a modular design: transmitter MT1 with I/O module MR1 as well as a display and operator module MD1.


Features of ModWeigh DBW comfort:

  • Easy to operate via keypad and menu control in German and English
  • By default are available: several digital inputs and outputs, pulse input and output, one analog input and two analog outputs as well as two serial interfaces (for printer and gateways for fieldbus interfaces)
  • Plug-in contact blocks which simplify the installation, maintenance and service
  • Plug & play function via data stick


The control unit ModWeigh DBW comfort is used for weight recording and speed measurement. The weight indicator continously measures the material load on the belt conveyor. The belt speed of the conveyor is recorded by a speed encoder.


The ModWeigh DBW comfort calculates the current flow rate (actual value) in kg/h or t/h from the material load and belt speed. The regulation of the flow rate results by comparison of the actual value and the setpoint.  


The internal PI-regulator controls the constant and proportional regulation of the scale on basis of an internal and external setpoint.


The overruns of the characteristics are noted in the alarm memory, e.g. Flowrate default. The error list can be called and elected on the display.


Each weighing module comes with a data stick which saves all parameters of the scale. In case of dysfunction of the weighing module, the stick can simply be put into the new module in order to make all scale parameters available (plug & play).