Speed encoder

Speed encoder

  • Hollow shaft encoder for recording the belt speed in belt conveyors
  • Robust design due to two ball bearing
  • Short-circuit protection via thermal fuse up to 155°C
  • Direct connection to control unit or PLC is possible
  • Protection class IP65
  • For ATEX zones (optional)


Data sheet


The hollow shaft encoder is used to measure the belt speed in belt conveyors and is used in combination with the MTS built-in belt scales and weigh feeders.

It is either directly installed on the measuring wheel of the belt scale or on the bend pulley of the weigh feeder.


The hollow shaft encoder is characterized by a weight of 150 g and a robust design. The housing is made of aluminum and is suitable for outdoor installation. Due to the limited weight, the lifetime of the ball bearing is extended. The shaft of the encoder has a diameter of 10 mm, 12 mm or 14 mm.


Optional for ATEX.


Installation on the measuring wheel:

The measuring wheel runs on the lower belt and records the current belt speed. On the basis of its own weight, the measuring wheel is located frictionally engaged on the belt and is driven by the belt movement. The peripheral speed of the wheel is exactly to the belt speed.


Installation on the bend pulley:

The sensor is directly connected with the bend pulley. It ensures a high measurement accuracy without being affected by slip or material accumulation.


An incremental encoder is used for legal-for-trade applications. The generated voltage pulse (frequency) is converted in a speed value (m/s) via the control unit.