Weighing module Levermount lite

Weighing module Levermount lite

  • Built-in module made of stainless steel
    with legal-for-trade bending beam load cell
  • For rated loads from 5 to 200 kg
  • Patented load transmission
  • Replacement of load cell without removing module
  • Protection class IP 68/ IP 69K
  • Legal-for-trade according to OIML R60
  • ATEX approval (optional)


Weighing of

  • Mixers and agitators
  • Ideal even with thermal expansion


Questionnaire  Data sheet


The Levermount lite weighing module is ideally used for weighing of small and medium sized containers for exact process control, level control and inventory control, but also for weighing of agitators, mixers and vessels with low thermal expansion.

Benefits of weighing modules of Levermount series:

  • Load cell and weighing module made of stainless steel.
  • The patented force transmission allows container movements due to vibrations or thermal expansion as well as slight misalignment.
  • The design of weighing allows replacement of load cell without moving the module.
  • Legal-for-trade according to OIML R60.