Weighing module KIS-8

Weighing module KIS-8

  • Built-in module with variable force transmission point
  • High-precision shear beam load cell
  • For rated loads from 1 to 200 kN
  • No steering and lashing mechanisms
  • Integrated lift-off protection
  • Protection class IP 67
  • ATEX approval (optional)


Weighing of

  • Vessels with vibration and thermal expansion
  • Mixers and agitators


Questionnaire  Data sheet


The weighing modules of KIS series are characterized by a unique construction: The high-precision force transducer is firmly mounted in the assembly module, the yoke for load introduction "rides" practically on the load cell cylinder. This design allows force transmission point displacements and high side loads up to 100 % of rated load without affecting the measuring accuracy.

The weighing modules are optimally used for weighing of agitators, mixers and vessels with thermal expansion.


All components of the KIS-8 weighing module are made of stainless steel.