Control unit G4

Control unit G4

  • Multi-channel process control instrument
  • Connection of up to 8 measuring channels
  • Modular design - individually configurable
  • Numerous interfaces (USB, fieldbus, etc.)
  • Remote maintenance via Ethernet interface
  • Version as built-in unit or desktop unit or DIN rail mounting (G4-RM)


Data sheet


The control unit G4 is high-precision measuring amplifier for use in industrial weighing and force measuring applications. The control unit has a very high resolution and a fast sampling rate and can handle up to 8 measuring channels simultaneously.

The control unit G4 has a modular design and can be configured individually. It accommodates up to six different, easily installed modules for measurement, digital I/O modules or analog output modules.


Additionally, a wide variety of modern PC based communication interfaces are available. The USB port connection allows for software downloads and upgrades. The Ethernet interface and its TCP protocol offer the possibility to read out internal or external data, to parameterize the device and to execute the telemaintenance.


Typical applications:

  • Process weighings and controls
  • Force measurements
  • Web tension measurement and control
  • Process automation
  • Dosing and batching applications


The control unit is optionally available as desktop unit, for installation in a housing, in a closed version for harsh ambient conditions or for DIN rail mounting (RM).


The control unit G4 offers:

  • Up to 6 module slots for individual configuration for:
    • One-channel input modules
    • Two-channel input modules
    • 2 high speed input modules
    • 2 separate digital I/O modules
    • 2 analog output modules
  • Several interfaces:
    • USB (PC or memory stick)
    • Ethernet (Modbus/TCP)
    • Fieldbus (Profibus, DeviceNet, etc.)
    • RS 485 and RS 232 (Modbus RTU)
  •  Internal memory
  • Custom software designed and updated to fit special requirements