Control unit IT 6000E

Control unit IT 6000E

  • Legal-for-trade control unit – freely programmable
  • For weighing and dosing tasks
  • Display of net-, tare- and gross-weight
  • Easy to use
  • Highly luminous TFT colour display
  • With Ethernet and USB connection
  • With Web-Server, optional WLAN module


Data sheet


The control unit IT 6000E is a high-precision, universally applicable weighing amplifier for industrial applications.

With standard or special software for legal-for-trade tasks in many industrial sectors:


  • Shipping and receiving
  • Filling of liquid and solid material
  • Check weighers
  • Dynamic weighing and batching systems
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Mobile data capture systems


The modular design of the control unit enables various device configurations according to the requirements of the respective application.


The control unit IT 6000E has an integrated power supply system and is suitable for harsh industry environments through the robust housing made of stainless steel with protection class IP 65.


Furthermore, the IT 6000E has an integrated polyester film tactile keypad and a multiline TFT colour display for a comfortable menu control. The keypad has separate keys for reset, taring and print-out the weighing value. Tare weight and additional data are entered via the numeric keys.


The control unit also offers: connection of 1 or 2 scales, use as a legal-for-trade scale with a resolution of 6,000 d, use as a multi-range scale.


The modular design of control unit IT 6000E provides:

  • Connection for max. 16 load cells, optional 2 scales via DUAL-ADM or digital scales
  • Legal-for-trade resolution: 6,000 d, internal resolution: 524,000 d, measurement rate adjustable from 50 up to 800/ s
  • Highly luminous TFT colour display, 5.7“, with wide viewing angle, large weight display and 4 up to 8 input lines
  • Calibration via plain text menu navigation, optional with test weight or specific value of load cells
  • Max. 2 serial interfaces, optional RS 232, RS 485 or RS 422 or 20 mA CL for connection of printers, remote displays, etc.
  • Variable E/A concept with up to 64 digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog und digital interfaces
  • Ethernet interface with integrated webserver, optional WLAN
  • Stainless steel housing (IP 65) with integrated adapter, optional mounting brackets for desk-top or wall-mount installation