Control unit PS 100

Control unit PS 100

  • Powerful digital amplifier
  • Small DIN-rail design with snap-on mounting
  • High resolution: 16 mio. counts
  • Selectable analog output: current or voltage output
  • Configuration and calibration via front keys
  • Data sheet or classical weight calibration
  • High realibility


Data sheet


The PS 100 is a powerful process measuring amplifier with analog output. The control unit is particularly space-saving and thus optimally used for the installation of many electronics in one housing.

The transmitter has a 24 bit A/D converter with a high internal resolution of 16 million counts.


The PS 100 is ideally suitable for many applications in the industrial weighing technology, especially where measuring values are processed and displayed in a PLC and where still great value is set upon a self-sufficient weighing system: for vessel and silo weighing, for level control systems.


As standard, the control unit has a configurable 0(4) - 20 mA analog output, optionally via a fieldbus interface, a readable display for displaying the current weight value and simple function keys for operation and adjustment.


Despite of its small design the PS 100 has a LED display with five digits and two status-LEDs as well as three mechanical pressure buttons. Due to the design and the snap-on mounting a lot of transmitters can be installed space-saving in an enclosure and can also simply and quickly changed.


The PS 100 can be connected with up to four load cells á 350 Ω. Configuration und calibration of the weighing system is simply made by the input of the load cells’ parameters with the function keys.


The control unit PS 100 offers:

  • Display shows current weight and status indication of relays
  • Configuration and calibration via function keys
  • Data sheet or classical weight calibration
  • Effective 24-bit A/D-converter: resolution of 16 Mio. counts
  • Selectable analog output: voltage output 0-5 V or 0-10 V or current output 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA
  • Serial interfaces: RS 232C half duplex and RS 485 full duplex (ASCII or ModBus protocol)
  • 2 logic inputs/ 2 logic outputs (PNP)
  • CE-certification