Impact scale ImpactWeigh

Impact scale ImpactWeigh

  • Weighing of bulk materials in vertical process routes
  • For flow rates from 5 to 400 m³/h
  • For free-flowing and abrasive bulk materials
  • Separate product and measuring chamber
  • Weighing mechanic completely made of stainless steel
  • Robust housing made of mild or stainless steel
  • No loose parts – high duration of life
  • Easy to integrate into the process route
  • With static testing device (optional)


Can be perfectly used with the control unit ModWeigh PPW.



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The impact scales of the ImpactWeigh series are used for continuous weighing of free-flowing and homogeneous bulk materials in vertical process routes. The weighing of bulk material takes place during the fall. The ImpactWeigh scale is developed and manufactured by MTS for flow rates from 5 up to 400 m³/h.

The impact scale ImpactWeigh is often used for weighing applications in closed dosing or conveying systems such as recording of in-process material flows, inventory control or optimization of truck and wagon loading.


The scales of the ImpactWeigh series consist of a stable housing, the impact plate with a special mounting system and the measuring chamber. The separation of product and measuring chamber secures the weighing system and allows for the usage in dustproof and Ex zones (optional).


The ImpactWeigh features further advantages: compact dimensions and a low installation height, an elementary design enables an easy and quick installation of the scale. Another beneficial feature is the measuring chamber which can be opened from outside. Repair work can thus be done much more easily and quickly.


Furthermore, the ImpactWeigh can be equipped with a static testing device. So, the measurement accuracy can be checked easily and and quickly.


Besides this, there are special coatings (made of special plastics, ceramics or others materials) for the impact plate available. The coatings increase the wear protection of the impact plate and its gliding properties.


The solids flow is conveyed with constant drop height through an inlet to the inclined impact plate.


According to the formula:
Force = Mass x Acceleration


the product flow rate produces a constant force impulse upon the impact plate and a horizontal deflection.

The high-precision strain gauge load cell transforms the deflection into an electrical signal which is scaled and displayed by the control unit.


Due to the special suspension of the impact plate, material deposits on the impact plate do not influence the zero-point stability of the scale. Only horizontal forces are transmitted into the measuring chamber.


The ImpactWeigh has to be integrated into a conveying system in such a way that a constant output speed of the bulk material is guaranteed. Screw conveyors, rotary valves, bucket elevators, vibrating chutes, conveyor belts or scraper conveyors can be used to this effect.