Weighing module VC 3500

Weighing module VC 3500

  • Precise double-ended shear beam load cell made of stainless steel
  • Built-in module with integrated lift-off protection
  • For rated loads from 2 to 200 t
  • Use with high lift and lateral loads
  • Replacement of load cell without removing module
  • Module painted, zinc plated or made of stainless steel
  • Protection class IP 68/ IP 69K
  • Certified EN 1090 approval for 50t, 75t and 100t module (optional)
  • ATEX approval (optional)


Weighing of

  • Silos and vessels
  • Mixers and agitators
  • Bunkers - even with discharge activator


Questionnaire  Data sheet


The weighing module VC 3500 is a heavy-duty module for silo and vessel weighing, available for rated loads up to 200 t.

Use: silo and vessel weighings, especially for heavy-duty loads and in outdoor areas, level and inventory control.


The construction of the module allows the installation between foundation and vessel support. The VC 3500 offers an optimum force introduction and a high lift and lateral safety - without additional steering and lashing mechanism. This considerably simplifies the planning and installation of a weighing system for silos, tanks or containers.


The VC 3500 is equipped with locking screws in the upper part of the module, which protects the load cell against shock loads. Special feature: replacement of the load cell possible without removing the module.