Junction box VKK2R-8

Junction box VKK2R-8

  • For parallel connection of up to eight load cells
  • With corner balancing via integrated resistance network
  • Robust design made of rustproof steel
  • Protection IP 65
  • For legal-for-trade applications optional
  • ATEX approval optional


Data sheet


The VKK2R-8 is a robust junction box made of rustproof steel, which allows for parallel connection from three up to eight analog load cells. Optional for explosive areas.

The junction box VKK2R-8 offers the possibility of corner balancing in order to balance corner load errors due to mechanical asymmetries. The corner balancing is realized by means of an integrated resistance network within the load cell output.


The VKK2R-8 execute the EMV safety norm according to EN 45 501 und EN 61 323 due to a special shielding concept and comes with protection class IP 65.


The junction box VKK2R-8 has:

  • Parallel connection from three to eight load cells
  • Resistance network for corner balancing (30 steps): 0.22 – 5.93 Ώ
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C bis +85°C
  • Weight: appr. 1 kg
  • Housing made of rustproof steel


Approvals (optional):

Type examination certificate
PTB 05 ATEX 2014


ATEX for zonen 1, 2, 21 and 22