Weigh feeder VDB/EE

Weigh feeder VDB/EE

  • For continuous weighing in the food industry
  • Ideal for regulating tasks
  • For capacities from 1 to 50 m³/h
  • With dust-proof enclosure
  • Very good cleaning facilities
  • Made of mild or stainless steel
  • ATEX conform design (optional)


With control unit ModWeigh DBW for weighing and dosing tasks.
With control unit ModWeigh FBW for continuous weighing.



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The weigh feeder VDB/EE by Jesma is available in belt lengths of 1,100 mm as well as in belt widths of 380 mm and 610 mm.

The weigh feeder is a compact scale, which is particularly suitable for the food sector and other similar applications with sophisticated requirements due to its design.


The VDB/EE consists of a dust-proof enclosure and the weighing belt. The latter is provided with gravimetric belt tension, an inward and outward belt cleaning system, an easily removable material guide and a hood at the inlet hopper. The big removable side cover of the enclosure allows an easy access for all maintenance and cleaning tasks. The weighing belt is constructed to enable a belt change with minimal effort.


Depending on the material to be weighed, PVC, PU or FDA belts are used. They can be either flat, troughed or with corrugated edge.


An ATEX conform design for 21 and 22 zones is optionally available.


The continuous material flow rate generates a pressure load upon the weighing section of the weigh feeder.


The weight load is recorded by a high-speed precision load cell. The construction of the weighing section guarantees a high measuring accuracy. The belt speed is recorded by means of a tachometer generator moving along with the bend pulley.


The control unit connected in series combines the material weight on the weighing section and the belt speed in order to calculate the current conveying capacity in kg/h or t/h.